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3 Fun Ways to Give the Gift of Travel

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

I am a mom of 2 and, the older my kids get, the more convinced I become that giving the gift of experiences is far more valuable than giving material things. My kids aren't still talking about the toys they got last Christmas, but they are still talking about the trip we took to Disney World last December. They don't remember what they got for their most recent birthdays, but they remember burying each other in the sand on our last beach trip. Giving the gift of travel benefits the whole family because you are giving the gift of time spent together building memories that will last a lifetime. If you've decided to surprise your family with a trip this holiday season you may be wondering how to reveal the news to them. Well, you've come to the right blog! I'm going to share my 3 favorite ways to surprise family and friends with the gift of travel.

Themed Gifts

This is a simple idea but it's a classic. Whenever my clients ask my advice on how to surprise their loved ones with a vacation I always suggest wrapping up themed clothing, luggage, accessories, or other things that can be used on the trip. For example, how fun would it be to have your kids unwrap these shirts on Christmas morning?

I've also had Universal clients surprise their kids with Hogwarts Letters to reveal their trip. You can find plenty of options for getting your own personalized Hogwarts Letter on Etsy. You could put the letter in their stocking or even hide it in the Christmas tree. Speaking of hiding, that leads me to my next idea...

A Scavenger Hunt

Santa does a scavenger hunt for my kids every Christmas morning and they love it! He leaves little clues under the plate they left his milk and cookies on and they have just as much fun running all around the house to find the presents as they do unwrapping and playing with them. How fun would it be to create a themed scavenger hunt for your kids with the final clue revealing their vacation surprise? For example, you could get some alphabet blocks or foam letters and leave one in each location (out of order of course) and then have the kids unscramble them to reveal your vacation destination.

A Personalized Puzzle

You can create your own custom picture puzzle revealing your vacation plans and then put it together as a family! The option below can be purchased on Amazon and comes in a variety of sizes. You can even download my free graphics below to use on your puzzle. These were designed to work best on a 15x11 inch puzzle, but if you need to customize the design even further you can use my Canva template link.

I hope you got some helpful ideas for surprising your family with the gift of travel. If you are still looking to book that special trip reach out to me for a free, no obligation quote today. You can access my online quote form here!

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