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All You Need to Know About Magicband+

Disney released Magicband+, the latest iteration of Magicband technology, on July 27 and you might be wondering what all the fuss is about and whether or not it’s worth getting some for your family. In this post, I’m going to answer the top 5 questions about Magicband+ that I’ve gotten as a travel advisor.

Question 1: What does Magicband+ do that my old Magicbands won’t?

Magicband+ will perform all the functions of a traditional Magicband but it also unlocks special interactive in-park experiences. For example, if you wave to the 50th anniversary statues when wearing your Magicband+ they will share a special message with you. The Magicband+ will also vibrate as you approach nearby statues, which makes it easier for you to notice these fun icons throughout the park. If you’re visiting Star Wars Galaxy’s edge, your Magicband+ allows you to play an exclusive bounty hunter game. And, when it’s time for fireworks at Epcot or Magic Kingdom, your Magicband+ will create a light show of its own to go along with Harmonious or Disney Enchantment.

Question 2: How much does Magicband+ cost?

Magicband+ starts at $34.99 per band plus tax and Disney hotel guests can get up to a $10 discount by ordering through their My Disney Experience account. You can order them at the standard price on or at gift shops in the parks, resort hotels, and Disney Springs. Solid color bands price out less than bands with designs. You can see examples of both in the video below.

Question 3: How long does Magicband+ take to charge and how long does the charge last?

As with any device, charge time depends on how low the battery is when you start the timer. On average, Magicband+ charges pretty quickly with the exact time varying depending on how much charge you started with. If you're planning on buying a Magicband+ in the parks for use that day, I would recommend bringing along a portable power bank since there's no way of knowing the starting charge of a brand new band in advance. If ordering from My Disney Experience, I recommend charging your bands up the night before your first park day. Once fully charged, the charge lasts anywhere from 1-3 days depending on use, but nightly charging is recommended. The charger comes included in your purchase and replacements are available for purchase if you lose it.

Question 4: Will my Magicband+ work at all if it runs out of charge?

Yes, Magicband+ will still perform all the functions of a basic older Magicband if it runs out of charge. However the new interactive features won’t function without a charge.

Question 5: Will my old Magicbands still work?

Yes, active older Magicbands that are linked to your My Disney Experience account will still perform all the functions they have traditionally performed. To learn even more about the different features that traditional Magicbands perform for onsite hotel guests and offsite hotel guests, check out my “Do I Need Magicbands at Disney World?” Video linked below.

I hope you got value out of today's post! To see more like it be sure to subscribe to the blog. And if you’re interested in booking your Disney vacation through me and receiving FREE planning services, fill out my quote form here.

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