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Disney Family Suite Face Off!

If you’re a family of 5 or 6, there are 2 value level properties at Walt Disney World that can accommodate you all together in one room. The family suites at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort and Disney’s All Star Music Resort both offer accommodations for up to 6 guests, 2 full bathrooms, and a kitchenette. It sounds, based on the list of amenities, like these options are exactly alike, but that is definitely not the case and I’m here to highlight the differences. Let’s talk first about Disney’s Art of Animation Resort.

The family suites at Art of Animation come in one of 3 themes. The standard family suites are themed after Cars and the Lion King and the preferred family suites are themed after Finding Nemo. The interior layout of these suites is identical, but the preferred suites will offer a better location closer to dining, transportation, and the main pool. The family suites at Art of Animation feel quite spacious as you walk in. Right inside the door there is a fold down double bed which can serve as a table when folded up. In the main area you will also find the kitchenette which has a sink, a mini refrigerator, and a microwave as well as a living area with a dresser and a fold out double sleeper sofa. The four people sleeping in this main space will share a bathroom with a shower/tub combo. There is also a private bedroom with a queen size bed and dresser with an en suite bathroom featuring a walk in shower. The resort itself is in a fantastic location centrally located on Disney property and the transportation options are great. You can take a bus to Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and Disney Springs and you have access to the awesome Disney Skyliner system for travel to Hollywood Studios and Epcot. I also love the great theming of this resort and the dining options here are really good as well.

Now, let’s talk about Disney’s All Star Music Resort. Just like its name implies, this resort is themed after different genres of music including calypso, rock and roll, jazz, Broadway, and country. It’s located in the Animal Kingdom Resort area and offers bus transportation to all 4 theme parks as well as Disney Springs. The family suites here were recently renovated and they offer 2 fold down queen beds, 1 of which serves as a sofa when folded up and the other which serves as a table when folded up. The 4 people who sleep in this area have access to a good sized dresser and will share a bathroom with a shower/tub combo. There is also a separate bedroom with a queen bed and ensuite bath with a walk in shower. The kitchenette area in this room is quite large and is located between the 2 spaces. It has a great sized refrigerator with plenty of space to store beverages and other items.

So, the big question: which of these family suites is the better option? My answer is that it depends on what is most important to you: theming, location, transportation, room interior, or price? Both resorts have very fun theming and if you’re a musician, you will absolutely love some of the details in the theming at All Star Music. However, I think for the majority of Disney guests, Art of Animation wins for theming. This is actually the only resort on Disney property themed solely after Disney animation and the franchises reflected here are much loved classics.

In regards to location, there’s no doubt that, of the two options, Art of Animation is more conveniently located to every park except Animal Kingdom. I also have to give the win to Art of Animation when it comes to transportation options. All Star Music is a bus ride away from every park, but Art of Animation offers the great perk of the Skyliner for quick and easy transportation to Epcot and Hollywood Studios. Even on the rare occasions when the Skyliner isn’t running due to weather conditions or mechanical issues, I would still give the nod to Art of Animation regarding transportation as the bus rides to Hollywood Studios and Epcot would still be faster than they are from All Star Music.

When it comes to room interior, I have to give my vote to All Star Music. I’ve stayed in both suites and my family was much more comfortable in the All Star Music family suite. We liked having 3 true queen beds vs a double bed, a double sleeper sofa, and a queen at Art of Animation. We also loved having the larger kitchenette with ample counter space and the big refrigerator. And, when it comes to price, I also have to give the nod to All Star Music as these suites typically price out less than the suites at Art of Animation.

All in all, you will have a great time with your family in either or these family suites. I honestly wish that I could pick up the suites at All Star Music and move them over to Art of Animation, but since I can’t do that I have to say that I personally will continue to choose Art of Animation for my family. The location and transportation options are of greater value to me than the room interior and I am willing to pay a little more for the added convenience of getting to my favorite parks more quickly and and easily.

I hope you enjoyed this family suite face off! And remember, if you’d like to plan your own trip to Walt Disney World, my vacation planning services are completely free when you book your vacation through me at the same price as booking it yourself on Disney’s website. For a free quote or more information, please fill out my quote form.

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