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How Far is Disney's Beach Club From Epcot?

I'm not shy about the fact that I LOVE the Epcot resort area! It's my favorite resort area to stay in becuase the Yacht Club, BoardWalk, and Beach Club resorts are all within walking distance of Epcot, which is my favorite Disney park. Those who love Epcot just as much as I do will be interested to know that Disney's Beach Club Resort is the closest of the three to International Gateway, which is the back entrance to Epcot that's only accessible from select onsite resort hotels. But exactly how close is the Beach Club to Epcot? You are about to find out!

My husband and I celebrated 15 years of marriage last month by sneaking away to Walt Disney World by ourselves for a few days. My parents were gracious enough to watch our kids (who were also more than happy about this arrangement since my parents just got a new puppy) so Evan and I got to spend time doing the things we've always wanted to do at Disney World. One of those things was taking our time exploring the details of World Showcase. Staying at the Beach Club was especially convenient as we could easily pop back and forth from our room to the park.

We made the trek between the Beach Club and Epcot several times on our trip and one of those times we decided to film it to see exactly how long it takes to get between the resort and the park entrance. The video below is a real-time POV walk from the main lobby entrance to the Beach Club to the International Gateway. Check out the video below and take a walk with us!

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