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Universal's Sapphire Falls Resort Review

Many of my fellow agents at Marvelous Mouse Travels as well as a lot of the Universal team members I've talked with over the years have always told me that Sapphire Falls is their favorite onsite resort at Universal. To be honest, I didn't really understand why...until I stayed there! I am a huge fan of Universal's premier onsite resorts (Royal Pacific, Hard Rock Hotel, and Portofino Bay) because they have great locations and offer unlimited express pass included in your stay. Because I love unlimited express pass so much, I was hesitant to book anything other than premier level. But in June 2021 I stayed at Sapphire Falls for a working trip with my agency and fell completely in love with this resort!

Sapphire Falls is just as nice as those premier level properties I love so much. It also offers some of the same great perks such as water taxi service to the two main parks and a walking path that can have you there in 10-12 minutes. Add to that its amazing onsite restaurants and the fact that it hosts the largest pool on property and really all that's keeping Sapphire Falls out of the premier category is the fact that it doesn't come with unlimited express pass.

For families who are not looking to add unlimited express pass to their trips but who still want an upscale experience and a great location, Sapphire Falls is the perfect choice. It's also the perfect choice for those who like to spend significant time poolside. I've been lucky enough to stay at all eight of Universal's onsite hotels and I wouldn't hesitate to book another stay here for my family. Check out my video below for a full tour!


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